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Sanskrit, the finest language for complex fields like AI

If a researcher at NASA is to be believed, Sanskrit is the finest language to be used and considered fit for complex fields including Artificial Intelligence where computers can be literally designed in a manner that they are enabled to think for themselves and may not have to be dependent on human commands.

In 1985, a researcher named Rick Briggs at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) published a paper in AI Magazine, titled “Knowledge Representation in Sanskrit and Artificial Intelligence.”

Rick, in his paper, said that the grammar of the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit had significant lessons for this business of natural language understanding for it structured and rule-based.

He suggested that studying the way ancient Indian grammarians worked, might help AI researchers “finally solve the natural language understanding.” 

An excerpt from the paper reads as, “There is at least one language, Sanskrit, which for the duration of almost 1000 years was a living spoken language with a considerable literature of its own. Besides works of literary value, there was a long philosophical and grammatical tradition that has continued to exist with undiminished vigour until the present century. Among the accomplishments of the grammarians can be reckoned a method for paraphrasing Sanskrit in a manner that is identical not only in essence but in the form with current work in Artificial Intelligence. This article demonstrates that a natural language can serve as an artificial language also, and that much work in AI has been reinventing a wheel millennia old.”

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