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Know why Jaipur Mummy was taken out from glass case after 130 years?

The Tutu Mummy, showcased in glass box of Jaipur since last 130 years, had to be taken out recently to preserve it from flood waters which came gushing inside the Albert Hall Museum recently with torrential rains which lashed the city on August 14

As the mummy is that of Tutu, a female member from a priest’s family, it is called as Tutu Mummy.

It dates back to Egypt’s Ptolemaic period (322 BC to 30 BC) and was brought from Egypt to Jaipur and hence is called as the “Jaipur Mummy”. 

Imported by the ruler of Jaipur, Sawai Ishwar, from Cairo in 1887, the mummy was preserved in the Albert Hall museum in Jaipur.

The mummy displayed at the Albert Hall Museum was brought from Cairo around 130 years back. Being of a woman named Tutu, it was found in the Akhmin area of the ancient city of Panopolis in Egypt.

In April 2017, the mummy was shifted to the basement of the Albert Hall in Jaipur. Major details related to its history, birth-death relationship, the method of making mummy and X-ray of this mummy were also exhibited for the people visiting here.

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