Baghor Kali Temple: Dating back to 11,000 years, this temple is worshipped even today

Baghor Kali Temple discovered recently dates back to 9000 BC and reveals a remarkable continuity of religious beliefs in India.

Baghor shrine is a modest temple situated in Sidhi district of MP that has a stone platform under Neem tree and a triangular shaped Yantra which is  worshipped as Goddess in the middle of platform.

If you often have a question that how old is Hinduism, you should know about this Baghor shrine which is a Devi Temple with a yantra continuously being worshiped by Hindu tribals and their ancestors. 

This temple and yantra date back to 11,000 years and is worshipped even today.

Recently, archaeologists discovered “Baghor shrine” which is a Devi temple with Yantra continuously worshiped by Hindu tribals and their ancestors.

Both the Yantra and paleolithic temple dates back to 11,000 years and is worshiped even today.

Jonathan Kenoyer of Harappa Archaeological Research Project(HARP) has been the leading archaeologist of Ancient India for 30 years. He examined Baghor Kali temple and dated the shrine back to 9000 BC.

He was surprised by “remarkable continuity of religious beliefs in India” 

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