Himachal Pradesh enthusiastically honors its 53rd Himachal Day…

On Wednesday, January 25, Himachal Pradesh proudly celebrated the state's 53rd Himachal Day

On Wednesday, January 25, Himachal Pradesh proudly celebrated the state’s 53rd Himachal Day

Himachal Pradesh celebrated its 53rd Himachal Day on January 25 with great gusto. Therefore, Himachal Pradesh became the 18th state of India on this day in 1971.

Thus, the official Himachal Day was celebrated at the state level in the Hamirpur district, where Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu hoisted the flag and greeted the numerous delegations doing a march past. Speaking to the crowd on the 53rd anniversary of statehood in Hamirpur, the chief minister stated that strict steps were being taken to eradicate corruption following the government’s vow of zero tolerance for social evil.

Therefore, the state’s first chief minister, Dr. Y.S. Parmar, was able to lead the people with skill, and the kindness of the then-prime minister, Indira Gandhi, who paid particular attention to the state and its people, made it possible for the state to achieve full statehood. Thus, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu expressed congratulations on the occasion. Celebrities like Yami Gautam expressed their gratitude towards the occasion via social media.

Nonetheless, in honoring the contributions made by the people to the state’s growth, deputy chief minister Mukesh Agnihotri stated that the current state administration is dedicated to the state’s overall development.

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