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The musical road in Hungary

Know more about the road of music that sings to the drivers, who drive at the right speed in Hungary

Driving on a well-constructed road is one thing but driving on a road that reflects entertainment is another! Well, let your imagination fly! A viral video of Hungary is gaining a lot of news and headlines. Where, if you drive at the right amount of speed, the road will sing to you.

Road 67, has been gaining a lot of attention due to the viral video from Twitter. In the video, it was seen that the car that was driven at the right speed made the road to sing.

Road 67, was built in 2019. Therefore it was built for the memorial of the lead singer of the band Republic, László Bódi aka Cipő. It is famous for its connectivity from the city of Kaposvár and the M7 motorway. It is said that while going at the right speed the road sings a 30-sec snippet of the song “Road 67” from the band.

Not only Road 67 but there are also many roads in Japan that sing traditional tunes for the driver. Thus, these are the measures to ensure public safety in different varied measures.

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