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Devmanus Serial is Real Story! Know Interesting Facts About Dev Manus Show

Devmanus serial, hitting new records on ZEE5, is supposedly inspired by a true story of Santosh Pol, who was also called as a doctor death. 

This notorious man killed 6 people in 13 years of his practice in the town of Satara. 

The locals deemed him as God-like doctor till his real intentions were known. 

Dr. Pol was allegedly involved in the murders of six innocents including five women many of whom he reportedly had an affair with.

His modus operandi included duping  and killing victims and then burying the bodies in his farmhouse. 

Dr. Pol allegedly committed the murders when the women refused to elope with him. 

Later, he ran away with their money and gold after dumping the bodies in his personal graveyard.

He continued with his gruesome murders until he was arrested after the disappearance of Mangala Jedhe, the last victim to fall prey to his ploy. 

He even tried to mislead the police, however police captured him and closed the chapter of Dr Pol forever. 

This interesting tale of Doctor Death is being replicated in the show Devmanus, which makes it fascinating to watch.

The show is produced by Shweta Shinde under the banner of Vajra Productions.

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