BTSxCOLDPLAY : The most awaited collaboration, ‘My Universe’ is out now!

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BTSxCOLDPLAY the most awaited collaboration of all time is finally released on all music platforms this morning at 9:30 a.m.

My Universe, the track sung in both English and korean language is a beautiful love song that goes beyond all the boundaries of language, races , gender, class. The song is co-written by both the bands: the rapline of BTS, Suga, J-Hope and RM were involved in writing lyrics.

This song is such a beautiful way of describing love, how love comes in so many different forms. Their collaboration itself proved how they don’t believe in any boundaries and seperation of anything, and thet music itself has no barriers.

Chirs Martin on My Universe via apple music

“Well, it’s a love song. It had been in my mind for a while that someone had said BTS were wondering if we’d do a song for them or something like that & then we started communicating with BTS & then went to Korea. It’s something you could look at”.

A report from korean media said that this collaboration was reportedly done based on the strong will of the members of Coldplay that they want to sing ‘My Universe’ with BTS, BTS also happily accepted this collab suggestion from a musician who they respect.

My Universe official lyric video

The song is released as a lyrical video on YouTube but Coldplay revealed that the song will have a music video released soon. The song is out on all music platforms for streaming and buying.

The ARMY’s and coldplayers are very excited and enthusiastic after the song dropped, the song is trending in many countries over many song charts just after an hour of release. One fan said, “My Universe the song that makes you wanna fly to heaven”, the song is getting love and appreciation from all around the world. Fans are more than ready to break enormous records again with this single.

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