Bringing Film City in Lake City Udaipur is this man’s vision and mission he is yearning for!

With over 500 Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian and Rajasthani Films and numerous TV serials shot in the vicinity of Udaipur which is also famous as Lake City, a man on a mission is working hard to bring in Film City in Lake City aiming to turn fortunes of this city and the person is none other than Mukesh Madhwani who has been running from pillar to post to turn his dream into reality.

Mukesh is confident that the people of the city shall soon be blessed by having ample opportunities to grow with the Film City coming in Udaipur.

“People here shall get jobs and tremendous opportunities to generate business with the coming up of Film City in Udaipur and hence he is working out all his efforts to ensure that coming generations in this city can speak proudly of the Film City and there is no dearth of jobs and opportunities for them in their home town

I am eager to invite Bollywood, Hollywood and such institutes to Udaipur to set their shooting sets for film shoots, says Mukesh who generated interest in film segment when he managed to get permission for shooting of the film ‘The Fall’ with his friend Anil Mehta’s help.

Making a fresh start here as a local assistant manager in the film production sector, he had an idea to set up a Film City in Udaipur in the year 2010. Without delay, he formed a strong team and started pursuing relentlessly for the cause. After years of struggle, they managed to get a nod from local authorities to initiate the plan of setting up a film city in Udaipur.

The team is actively pursuing various film and TV stars visiting Udaipur to support them and strengthen their campaign for Film City. The positive response from stalwarts of tourism, Rajasthan’s royalty and the government provided significant magnitude to the campaign.

Mukesh says, ‘There are several advantages of making Udaipur a film city as it is blessed with unmatched scenic beauty, historical monuments and distinct culture which further boost its prospects as a favourite spot for film shooting. No wonder during the last four decades, over 500 Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian and Rajasthani Films and numerous TV serials have been shot here. Moreover geographical location of Udaipur makes it well connected to metros. The rail, road and air connectivity are also favourable.’

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