Anurag Singh Thakur To Set Up Film Certification Facilitation Office In Chandigarh

Anurag Singh Thakur, who is in charge of Information and Broadcasting, shared some exciting news today. He declared the opening of a special office in Chandigarh to make it easier for filmmakers in the region. This office, connected to the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), will help filmmakers get their films certified without the need to travel to Delhi or Mumbai.

Thakur made this announcement at the Chitra Bharati Film Festival’s closing ceremony in Chandigarh. He explained that filmmakers from the area can now easily screen their films and submit any necessary edits. This move is particularly good news for the Punjabi film industry, making their certification process more straightforward.

Thakur highlighted India’s growing reputation as a content hub and a preferred location for international film production. He emphasized that India produces a significant portion of the world’s films and that the language of a film is not as crucial as its interesting content.

Expressing confidence in the potential of films from the Punjab region, Thakur stated that the government decided to establish the CBFC facilitation office in Chandigarh. This move aims to simplify the certification process and expedite film completion in the region.

Additionally, Thakur discussed the government’s efforts to make movie theaters more accessible for differently-abled individuals. The government is working on new guidelines to ensure that people with hearing and visual impairments can enjoy films. Thakur highlighted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of providing equal opportunities for all citizens, referring to them as ‘Divyang’ instead of ‘Viklang.’

Thakur also addressed the issue of piracy, acknowledging the significant financial losses faced by the film industry. He mentioned recent changes in the Cinematograph Act to combat piracy, with nodal officers appointed to swiftly address complaints and take action against pirated content within 48 hours.

Thakur praised the efforts of the Chitra Bharati Film Festival organizers in promoting young talent and encouraging meaningful films that showcase India’s rich culture and heritage. He expressed anticipation in seeing these films at leading international film festivals in the near future.

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