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Skill courses replace summer camps in APS Jaipur to empower Army families

Today, on May 20, 2024, the Army Public School and Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), in collaboration with the Saksham Sanchar Foundation, launched a Media Masterclass programme for students and Army Wives. The first session was led by Archana Sharma, the founder of the Saksham Sanchar Foundation. The session included an engaging Q&A segment between the students and the Foundation team.

Archana Sharma started the session by sharing her personal experiences, emphasizing the importance of standing up for what is right—a quality that distinguishes journalists from others. She discussed the various media platforms that would be covered in the three-month course and highlighted the theme of the first session: ‘think outside the box’. This theme aimed to inspire students to explore their interests and choose areas they are passionate about, whether it be vlogging, blogging, content writing, or other media-related fields.

Ashutosh Kumar Pandey, Deputy HOD of the School of Mass Communication at JECRC University, energized and motivated the students to pursue their goals with determination. He encouraged them to start taking initiative now, to embrace mistakes, and to experiment with different paths to better understand themselves and their career aspirations.

The Saksham Sanchar Foundation expressed gratitude to AWWA for the opportunity to collaborate on this skill growth program for students and wives of the AWWA community.

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