TCS, Reliance, Infosys creating promising positions for women

In every field, women are slowly taking up the most valued position. It has gradually become the source of women’s empowerment. Most of the women are doing their best to evoke more awareness. Thus, it becomes a considerable accomplishment when valued companies trust women for their top-rank positions, such as board director. 

Reliance is India’s most valuable firm, and 16% of the directors on the boards of 500 valued corporations are women. Thus, they had led every other woman fueled with power and pride. 

In the recent Hurun India’s ranking of the top 500 firms in India, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) became the largest IT company in India by taking the top spot among the top 10 employers of women in India. Approximately 2.1 lakh, or 35%, of the company’s workforce, are women in this company which is a great deal! 410 of the 500 listed firms have female membership on their directors.

In the last year, these valued firms have potentially added 3.9 lakh new positions for the employee. Currently, 11.6 lakh women are employed in the business. 

1,24,498 women work at Infosys, a large company and a well-reputed pursuit. 

HCL Technologies employs 62,780 women, compared to Wipro’s 88,946 female employees. 40%, 36%, and 28% of the staff at these firms are primarily female.

The list of the most valuable firms in the nation is topped by Reliance Industries Ltd., which Mukesh Ambani owns. The industry has a valuation of Rs 17.25 lakh crore. The second most valuable and publicly traded corporation in India is TCS, while HDFC Bank is ranked third. Adani Total Gas and Adani Enterprises are Gautam Adani’s businesses that hold the position right after these firms.

It’s great news that now women hold 16% of the board director positions on the boards of the 500 most valuable corporations. These firms have 664 female directors in total. Gradually, women are finding more value and respect in every field, which is a reason to celebrate women’s empowerment.  

In terms of government jobs, SBI has become the topmost government-driven business providing women’s appointments, and the growth rate has exceeded 14%. However, the start-ups like Zomato, Nike Policy Bazar, and Paytm have declined to propose jobs for female employees. With a net worth of Rs 2.19 lakh crore, vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute of India is the most valuable unlisted firm in the nation.

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