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The Untold Story of Lucky Bisht’s Early Life

Lucky conveyed the ultimate mantra: “Waqt sab seekha dega”

Lucky Bisht, a name now synonymous with Bollywood writing, has a story that goes beyond the glamour. Hailing from the Haldwani region of Uttarakhand, a place where families have a strong connection to the army and defense services, Lucky’s background is rooted in patriotism. In a family where his grandfather was a 1971 war martyr and his father served in the army, Lucky’s grandmother’s determination saw her son follow in his father’s footsteps.

Growing up, Lucky completed his education up to the 10th grade in Jaipur’s KV School. After his 10th-grade board exams, he was looking forward to a relaxing vacation when a letter arrived, asking army families if anyone wanted to join the forces. Driven by his desire to serve, he appeared for physical and written exams. Despite facing the hurdles of exams in different states, his confirmation letter arrived, leading him to training in Delhi and setting the stage for his journey ahead.

As he delved deeper, Lucky discovered he was being recruited for a special force beyond the regular army. He plunged into operations in foreign lands, describing two kinds: short 72-hour missions and more complex, longer assignments. In these intricate operations, he had to blend in as a civilian, adopting new identities, languages, and lifestyles. The cinematic depiction of undercover agents as action heroes didn’t align with reality – their focus was on self-preservation and maintaining secrecy. If captured or compromised, they couldn’t expect their country to rescue or acknowledge them. This grim reality meant their bodies might never return home, leaving families in a perpetual state of hope.

Lives as undercover agents demanded lies even within families. Inaccessible during missions, they would tell loved ones about network issues in their deployment areas. Despite enduring hardships, the importance of the invaluable information they gathered for their nation’s safety justified their sacrifices.

A poignant encounter in an enemy territory left a deep impression on Lucky. A poor man sheltered him, even giving him 33 Rs, a significant sum for someone so impoverished. Lucky’s attempt to return the favor proved futile, leading him to reflect on the innate goodness of people worldwide. He emphasized that it’s the actions of a few that disrupt global harmony for personal gain.

Lucky’s journey through his early life presents a unique perspective, one he now brings to his writing. He fondly recalls the life lesson imparted by a senior: “Waqt sab seekha dega” – time teaches all. His experiences have underscored the power of time, an eternal teacher that continues to shape his life.

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