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Kuku FM Shines at India Audio Summit

Kuku FM, India’s leading audio content platform, triumphantly swept the India Audio Summit and Awards (IASA) with four major wins on 4th April, 2024 in Mumbai. These awards underscore Kuku FM’s commitment to providing exceptional audio experiences that resonate with Indian audiences.

The IASA jury panel comprises a diverse group of esteemed critics & veterans from the audio industry, as well as marketing leaders of brands that rely on the medium heavily. Kuku FM securing multiple awards in front of this panel signifies a major endorsement.

It highlights that the platform’s content meets industry-wide standards of excellence, resonates with audiences and creators across entertainment sectors, and demonstrates Kuku FM’s potential to disrupt the Indian entertainment landscape. Furthermore, this recognition from industry leaders provides Kuku FM with strong validation that will be key in attracting further talent and partnerships.

Celebrating Excellence in Audio

The India Audio Summit and Awards recognizes and celebrates the best in India’s audio landscape, including audiobooks, audio dramas, global bestsellers, and exceptional talents within the industry. Kuku FM’s remarkable success at IASA is a testament to the platform’s dedication to innovation, and culturally relevant audio content.

Kuku FM received 11 nominations across multiple categories, securing 4 prestigious wins at the India Audio Summit and Awards (IASA) for Audiobook of the Year, Audio Drama of the Year, and Voice of the Year – Male & Female. Of these, Kuku FM received an impressive four nominations for Audiobook of the Year, winning in the category with its audiobook titled “12th Fail.” Notably, Kuku FM also received nominations for audiobooks in regional languages, including “Kadamattathu Kathanar” (Malayalam) and “Auto Shankar” (Tamil).

uku FM also secured three nominations for Best Audiobook Drama, bringing home a win for “Sherlock“. Additionally, they were recognized with two nominations each for Voice of the Year – Male and Female, resulting in wins for Vrajesh Hirjee (“Ram Katha: Suljhaye Sabki Vyatha“) and Pallavi Bharti (“Heer“) respectively.

The convergence of audio and visual storytelling is highlighted by “12th Fail” winning both Best Film and Best Audiobook this year. This win continues the resurgence of Randeep Hooda, an actor who has charted an independent path after facing challenges in nepotistic Bollywood circles. He’s showcased his versatility by both directing “Savarkar” and starring as the iconic Sherlock Holmes in Kuku FM’s audio drama.

In keeping with traditional Indian narratives and celebrating the Ayodhya Mandir unveiling, Kuku FM’s “Ram Katha: Suljhaye Sabki Vyatha” provides a modern take on the Ramleela, resonating with contemporary audiences. Additionally, “Heer” demonstrates Kuku FM’s dedication to reviving the romance genre, an area where cinemagoers have been starved for ages. These productions showcase Kuku FM’s unique ability to capture the essence of Indian culture through the power of audio.

Kuku FM’s Winning Productions:

Audiobook of the Year: 12th Fail – This award highlights the captivating power of audiobooks and is further amplified by the title’s parallel success as ‘Best Film’ elsewhere, demonstrating the growing convergence of audio and visual storytelling. The audiobook challenges the limitations of civil services aspirants’ minds. It presents an unconventional narrative that defies the traditional notion of who these candidates are.

Audio Drama of the Year: Sherlock (Voiced by Randeep Hooda as Sherlock, Karan Grover as Watson) – This win underscores Kuku FM’s mastery of the audio drama format and celebrates the iconic pairing of Randeep Hooda and Karan Grover’s performances which breathed new life into these beloved literary characters. The story asks if Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson can solve this mystery happening in Bengal during the Bhaskar era. The case is called “Sherlock: The Curse of Bhaskar Villa.” It shows Sherlock dealing with one of his toughest investigations ever.

Best Narrator – Male: Vrajesh Hirjee for Ram Katha: Suljhaye Sabki Vyatha – Vrajesh Hirjees’ masterful narration is recognized for bringing a modern perspective to a timeless epic. This spiritual content coincided with the historic unveiling of the Ayodhya mandir, presenting a fresh version of the beloved Ramayana for today’s young audience.

Best Narrator – Female: Pallavi Bharti for Heer – Pallavi Bharti’s evocative performance earns recognition for its role in reviving the romance genre and demonstrating the emotional power of well-crafted audio content. Her emotional storytelling brought back the era of romance which took the listeners into a world of classic love. The story revolves around Heer and Anhad, who realize their love for each other when it seems too late.

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