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From Desert Village to Leading Handicraft Exporter: Radheshyam Ranga’s Inspiring Journey

In the heart of the desert in Rajasthan lies Phalodi, a village often referred to as the “Kashi of the West.” Amidst its dusty lanes and arid landscapes, a remarkable story unfolded— the story of Radheshyam Ranga, a visionary individual who transformed from a boy in a desert village to India’s leading handicraft exporter.

Born into a family where his father, Hukmichand Ji Ranga, performed pujas and rituals as a Brahmin, Radheshyam faced the challenges of poverty. Determined to change his circumstances, Radheshyam, the third son among five siblings, envisioned bringing not only glory to his family but also uplifting the society around him.

Radheshyam’s educational journey halted at the tenth standard within the confines of his village. Fueled by a determination to make a substantial impact, he decided that employment alone wouldn’t suffice. At the age of 16, Radheshyam set out to Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, to join his elder brother, Narsingh Ji Ranga, who worked in the timber trade. However, the ambitious Radheshyam aspired for something greater.

Together, the brothers initiated their venture in the timber sector, understanding the importance of giving back to nature. This conviction led them to start planting trees around Jabalpur, balancing the timber trade with environmental conservation.

In 2002, Radheshyam decided to forge his path and establish ‘Latiyal Handicraft,’ a small factory for crafting handmade items in Jodhpur. His fundamental principle remained consistent—how to maximize the use of a single tree for crafting diverse furniture pieces.

Radheshyam’s commitment to excellence earned him the Major Exporter Award from the Export Promotion Council, Government of India, in 2017, and he continued to shine, receiving the same award again in 2021. Beyond business acumen, Radheshyam emerged as a leader with a social conscience. His family, now scaling heights of success through their business, actively engages in philanthropy.

Taking charge of the Dharamshala construction in front of Jodhpur AIIMS for the welfare of the underprivileged, Radheshyam has extended his impact beyond commerce. He played a pivotal role in the mass marriage of 101 couples in Jodhpur, contributing to social harmony.

Radheshyam Ranga’s journey exemplifies how resilience, a commitment to nature, and a vision for social welfare can pave the way for success. From the humble environs of Phalodi to the national stage, Radheshyam’s story is a testament to the transformative power of determination and a profound connection to one’s roots.

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