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Dr Archana Sharma: A woman leader wins millions of hearts with her exceptional work

She is neither MP, nor MLA but a woman of substance who continues serving her people with a strong devotion and dedication.

This nature of hers has made her win hearts of millions of people.

With a strong fan following, she has emerged as a real leader in Rajasthan who leads the way and shows the way to masses.

This woman politician is none other than Archana Sharma, Pradesh Congress Committee vice-president who has earned laurels by her exceptional work where she lends her ears to people’s problems 24*7.

Her work speaks volume and has been garnering acclaims from different corners of the state and nation.

Recently, her work won laurel when Jaipuria Hospital in her constituency was declared COVID-19 hospital; she did not hesitate to write a letter to chief minister Ashok Gehlot to get it declared as a COVID-19 free hospital.

With her strong efforts, the government has had to take its decision back and this hospital was made COVID-19 free.

Archana Sharma continues to be a role hero for many women who are striving to carve a niche in politics as despite being married in a conventional Hindu family with 13 generations worth in spiritual legacy, she has made a cut apart to make her own identity.

She is Masters in Anthropology and a  PhD holder in Population Study.

A Graduate Diploma in Environmental Sciences, she has also been a Salzburg Global Fellows who attended its Seminar Session in Austria as well as in Miriam College, Phillipines.

Working as a full time politician, she contested four elections, won 2 elections for Jaipur Municipal Corporation and lost 2 elections for Legislative Assembly.

When asked what inspired her to join politics, she says, “More than inspiration, it was the circumstances which prompted me to enter political arena. That is how normally women are introduced to politics.”

Answering a query on how she continues serving people with utmost dedication which many elected representatives also fail to do, she says, “Despite losing the assembly election I did not find my position getting lowered. I believe that it is the dignity with which I address people and their issues that has garnered support for me.”

Archana’s family has all understanding for her profession and emotion.

She says, “My husband has always been supportive. And my children, since young age, knew the gravity of my career and its commitments and thus, have been understanding.

They are now grown-ups. In fact, my daughter is a Resident Doctor at SMS. We are all busy with our endeavours and are unable to give time to each other. Yet we support each other through all circumstances.”

Speaking on her future avenues, she says, “There are no limits to what one can achieve in politics, it is not the titles that I strive for. My ambitions are more inclined towards serving people. These are the value my father taught me who was an IPS officer and earlier he has served Army as well. Values and virtues make a difference,” she says with

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