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Naaz Joshi is India’s first transgender international beauty queen who won the Empress Earth 2021-22 title

Naaz Joshi is India’s first transgender international beauty queen who won the international Empress Earth 2021-22 title in a virtual contest.

Naaz Joshi is a Delhi-based transgender female who clinched the Empress Earth 2021-22 title, an international title in a virtual contest, leaving behind Valentina from Colombia as the first runner-up and Olivia from Mexico as the second runner-up.

The contest was scheduled in Dubai on June 1, 2021 but was cancelled due to the pandemic and on the advice of the contestants was held in virtual mode. 

Over 15 countries participated in Empress Earth 2021. The countries that entered the top five were Colombia, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and India.

Final question asked to the top five finalists

 “Do you feel that lockdown is the solution to the pandemic?”

“No just lockdown can decrease the number of patients. It’s also a duty of every human being to take care of the safety measures as recommended by WHO and we queens should motivate others to stay calm and positive”.


Naaz dons various hats including the Miss Universe Diversity 2020, Miss World Diversity 2017-20, Miss Republic INternational Beauty Ambassador, and Miss United Nations Ambassador.

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