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Sri Ram Krishnan: The man behind brainchild of making money from the blue tick on Twitter…

Twitter is a social platform that is an excellent source of feeding onto information and quick rants. It creates a space for people to share their honest opinion and experience. Thus, many people use Twitter with a blue tick, representing they are verified authentic users of Twitter. However, Sriram Krishnan gave the Idea, suggesting Elon Musk make money from the blue tick verified user for proper growth. 

Sriram Krishnan has been a considerable part of the tech industry for a very long time. The Indian-origin Sriram Krishnan was an ex-employee at Twitter, presently working as a general partner at the venture capital of Silicon Valley, Andreessen Horowitz (also known as 16z). 

The company is said to have some investment in the buyout of Musk on Twitter. The highly claimed technologist and engineer Sriram Krishnan was born in Chennai. He later graduated with B.Tech in Information technology from the renowned SRM engineering college, Anna university. According to many sources, Sriram Krishnan comes from a middle class family background, his father used to work in the insurance sector, and his mother was a housemaker. 

Sriram Krishnan’s tech world started when he was 21 and moved to the United States in 2005. He worked at Microsoft, where his forte was in the Microsoft Azure division. Later, he worked at Twitter, where he worked on different projects, such as ensuring growth and developing UI design for the platform search. His work profile goes a long way, as he was involved in the mobile ad product of Facebook and Snap. 

According to Sriram Krishnan’s LinkedIn profile, he started working at Andreessen Horowitz in 2021. Apart from having a website of his own, Sriram Krishnan also hosts a podcast with his wife, Aarti Ramamurthy, The excellent time show. 

Thus, the highly claimed technologist has grabbed another opportunity to showcase his skills, as he claimed that making money out of blue tick users will eventually benefit twitter. 

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