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Saksham Sanchar Takes the Stage at Army Public School

Learning made easy through Joyful Engagement

In an exciting blend of education and enjoyment, the esteemed Saksham Sanchar Foundation graced the premises of Army Public School today, on the 4th of August, 2023. The occasion served as an excellent platform for the foundation to not only introduce itself to the school community but also to share its profound insights into the world of journalism. Led by the visionary and founder, Archana Sharma, a stalwart with over three decades of media experience, the event was nothing short of inspiring.

The seminar boasted an impressive lineup of speakers, including distinguished figures like Meena Sharma from NEWS 24 and Manish Kumar Sharma, a senior journalist at DD National. Each speaker brought their unique perspectives and experiences to the forefront, making the session an engaging and enlightening experience for the eager students.

The heart of the seminar was undoubtedly the interactivity it offered. Through captivating activities and a lively Q&A session, students found themselves not merely passive listeners, but active participants in their own learning journey. These activities not only captivated the students’ attention but also opened their minds to the fascinating world of journalism, nurturing their creativity and critical thinking.

The session resonated deeply with the young minds, igniting a newfound enthusiasm for writing, discussing current affairs, and exploring the vast realm of news media. Witnessing the spark of interest in the students’ eyes was truly heartwarming, as they showcased their eagerness to contribute to the evolving landscape of journalism.

In the culmination of this insightful event, students who are already part of the Saksham Sanchar initiative shared their personal experiences and growth stories. From covering prestigious events like the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) and AAWA, to enriching visits to Constitution Park, the speakers shed light on the myriad opportunities the foundation has provided. They emphasized the crucial skill of content writing, unveiling its significance in today’s interconnected world.

The seminar at Army Public School wasn’t just a lecture; it was a voyage of discovery, a rendezvous with the limitless potential of journalism. Through the seamless fusion of learning and enjoyment, Saksham Sanchar Foundation managed to sow the seeds of curiosity and exploration in the young minds, nurturing a generation of informed and empowered individuals ready to take on the world of media.

As the remarkable event came to an end , the lingering excitement in the air was palpable. The foundation’s commitment to fostering a passion for journalism and nurturing future leaders was evident in every word spoken, every activity conducted, and every idea shared. The echoes of this day will undoubtedly resonate through the corridors of Army Public School, reminding everyone that learning, when coupled with fun and engagement, becomes an unforgettable experience.

Our sincere thanks to Colonel Rathore, Welfare Head of AAWA, for providing us this opportunity to engage with students and ensuring a fruitful event. Your support is greatly appreciated in shaping this learning journey.

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