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Imran Khan and his journey from phenomenon cricketer to Pakistani politician

Imran Khan is a name known to have been engraved on the hearts of every Pakistani since his triumph in the world cup in 1992. Thus, his cricketing career was considered the gospel of God for the team Pakistan. Therefore, Imran Khan later gained a lot of love and the status of a healer when he set up a non-profitable cancer hospital, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. He suddenly became the angel for the people of Pakistan nation. 

Ahmad Khan Niazi Imran was born in Lahore, Punjab on 25th November 1952. He was born in the family of being the only child of Ikram Ullah Khan Niazi who was a civil engineer and his mother was Shaukat Khanum. He got his education from a prestigious institute in Pakistan and United Kingdom. 

Javed Burki and Majid Khan are two names that were in his family who were big names in the Pakistan Cricket Team. He used to study Philosophy, economics, and politics at the University of Oxford while playing cricket for the university. Imran Khan had also played for his nation Pakistan in his teen life. Imran khan was given his first match in Pakistan national cricket team in 1971. Nonetheless, he later got placed on the team permanently after his education from Oxford University in 1976. 

After his golden career in cricket, Khan was observed to be vocal about the mismanagement of the government and seen speaking more about corruption. He gradually stepped into politics. He set up his own political party called Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaaf (PTI) in the year 1996. In the following year of the election, PTI did not do well by failing to gain any seat in the national assembly. However, in the year 2002 PTI won one seat that was filled by Imran Khan himself. He also put his effort into balancing his ex-cricketing spirit with politics. He even balanced out anti-Americanism and economic development and extreme social conservation. The youth was more enchanted with Imran’s political approach. However, Imran khan was more focused on backing the central power of Pakistan which is the army. Imran and his group garnered sizable audiences for their demonstrations in the months before the parliamentary elections planned for early 2013 as well as the endorsement of many seasoned lawmakers from Pakistan’s established parties.

In July the next year, polls were conducted. Imran campaigned on the promise of eradicating inequality and corruption while having to defend himself against claims that he was too friendly with military leadership. Given that the PTI gained the most seats in the National Assembly, Khan was free to pursue a partnership with unaffiliated lawmakers. On August 18, he was appointed prime minister.

However, in April 22, he was removed as PM via no-confidence motion. 

In August, after being charged under anti-terror laws after accusing the police and judiciary of detaining and torturing an aide, he faced an assassination attempt in November this year during a political rally in Punjab Pakistan which helped him win a sympathy wave of people.

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