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IADS Kamal Chaudhary: Meet the man who cracked civil service exam despite flunking in IX n X

Despite flunking the class IX exam and getting supplementary in X a person can still clear civil service examination with dedication.

“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail.”― Confucius

We often say that, if we never fail we never learn but let me prove this to you with the inspiring journey of an Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS) officer from a small village of Nimbahera.

Kamal Choudhary a resident of  Baadi village, Nimbahera, Chittorgarh is someone who proved with his hard work and dedication that everyone carries the potential inside themselves which can make them from nothing to something. Shubham Kumawat reports….

Born on 21 February, 1984 and raised by a middle class farmers family, he intended himself in becoming successful one day. But in this journey to success, there is always ‘we’ and not just me, and in this case, it was his father who stood behind him and supported him constantly. Despite being a small farmer, his father understood the importance of education and inspired not just Kamal but all his four children to study more.

Kamal was not as good in other students in his school days. He never considered himself so intelligent and bright like others but these things never let his spirit down. Despite flunking his class 9th exams and getting supplementary in 10th, he never underestimated the importance of education in his life.

Those failures further helped him in making his life goals, it became a progress for his success. He realized the importance of education and decided on becoming an IAS officer. But goals dont come true with decision but it comes true with dedication, he puts a lot of efforts on it, studied for almost 15-16 hours a day. His hardwork paid off and he became an IADS officer. This small failure in his life was like stairs for him through which he climbed up and reached his goals.

Kamal got many job opportunities during his journey but he never accepted one , his goal was clear and he always looked forward to it. His journey was not easy but with his perservence, learning, sacrifice and labor, he achieved them all.

He says, ” Write down the goal you want to achieve in life on a wall, keep working hard on it and one day you will surely get it”. He always believes that, ” If you admit it, it’s a loss but if you decide you win”. He still considers himself in a journey to success and says that he still has a long way to go.

Mr. Kamal is also a great friend to many, with his modest and humble nature he has always helped his friends along in his journey. Because of not being financially stable many of his frinds couldn’t continue their study but Mr.Kamal helped his friends  financially too.

IADS Kamal Chaudhary: Meet the man who cracked civil service exam despite flunking in IX n X

On 20th March, 2022 a Felicitation ceremony for awareness of education was held in Baadi village of Nimbahera. This small but great initiative was taken by the villagers where they decided to honor I.D.A.S officer Mr. Kamal Choudhary for his inspiring journey.

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