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‘Educated youths should foray into politics to see the change’ Raj PCC chief

In a recent interview with Saksham Sanchar Foundation, Govind Singh Dotasra shared his vision for the future of politics and the essential role of educated youth in shaping it. Excerpts from exclusive interviews with Dimple Arora….

Ques 1. What is politics according to you ?

Dotasara emphasized that politics, within a constitutional system, is the platform where people elect leaders to drive the nation’s growth.

Ques 2. Coming from a farmer family, You have risen to prominence in politics and now advocates for greater youth involvement. Do you think more rural youth should come forward in politics?

He believes that politics itself is not inherently negative; rather, it is the politicians and their actions that can bring about meaningful change. Politicians address societal issues, support the underprivileged, and ensure equality in education, health, and nutrition. They are also responsible for managing infrastructure and driving national growth. Dotasra stressed that young people, with their innovative ideas and education, are crucial for the country’s progress. He also supports the 33% reservation for women in politics, encouraging more women to take active roles in governance.

Ques 3. What is Bharat according to you?

When asked about his vision for Bharat, Dotasra described the nation as a secular country where diverse religions and communities coexist harmoniously. He expressed pride in India’s unity and mutual respect among its people. He urged the youth to be dedicated in their duties, aspiring to make India a developed nation characterized by happiness, peace, tranquility, and mutual respect.

Ques 4. What is the Ideal profession for youth in the coming years?

Regarding future career opportunities for the youth, Dotasara highlighted the importance of quality education and skill-based training. He believes that employment-oriented education will enable young people to excel in their chosen professions, both nationally and internationally, ensuring they are well-prepared for the future.

Ques 5. What is your message for the youth?

Dotasra’s message is clear: the active participation of educated and motivated young people in politics is vital for addressing the needs of the population and driving the nation’s growth.

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