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Dr. Zakir Hussain’s Oath to Bharat: A Review of “Bharat is My Home”

Dr. Zakir Hussain’s presidential address in 1967, famously titled “Bharat is My Home,” is a profound testament to his unwavering dedication to India’s rich cultural heritage and the ideals of unity and prosperity. In this remarkable speech, he unfolds his deep commitment to the nation and presents a vision for a harmonious and progressive India.

At the heart of Dr. Zakir Hussain’s address is his solemn promise to safeguard and nurture India’s culture. With a spirit of humanity and wholehearted dedication to the constitutional framework, he emphasizes the importance of upholding absolute values and fostering the growth of national culture and character. He posits that India’s cultural legacy is not a static relic but a dynamic force that shapes the present and future.

One of the most touching aspects of Dr. Zakir Hussain’s speech is his unwavering loyalty to both India’s past culture and the nation as a whole. He pledges to work for the welfare of all people, transcending barriers of caste, colour, and creed, boldly declaring, “The whole of Bharat is my home, and its people are my family.” His vision is to strengthen and embellish this vast familial home, ensuring that its inhabitants lead prosperous and dignified lives.

Hussain underlines the need for collective efforts to enhance the nation’s well-being. He stresses the importance of silent, sincere, solid, and steady work, recognizing two essential dimensions – the individual and the social. While individuals must strive to fulfil their personal, physical, and moral needs under strict discipline, he underscores the interdependence of individuals and society, where personal growth is intertwined with collective welfare.

The most compelling message of Hussain’s speech is his assertion that the state should not be just a mere organization of power but a moral institution. This echoes Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy, emphasizing the use of state and individual power solely for moral purposes. He promises to dedicate his time to the welfare of the people of Bharat, highlighting the moral compass that guides his actions as the President.

“Dr. Zakir Hussain’s Oath to Bharat” is a powerful and inspiring speech, encapsulating his unwavering commitment to India’s culture and the well-being of its people. It is a call for unity, collective endeavour, and the pursuit of moral and ethical values in service to the nation. His words remain a timeless source of inspiration for those dedicated to the betterment of India and its diverse cultural heritage.

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