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Diya Kumari: Know why this princess-turned-politician is poised for new political position

Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur, a Member of Parliament from Rajsamand constituency in Rajasthan, has been taking big leaps in her career by taking up her tasks diligently while accomplishing them with elan. Earlier she served as the Member of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly from Sawai Madhopur and hence she reflects a befitting account of vertical progression in her leadership to the Bhartiya Janata Party that rules India presently.   

Let’s take a sneak peak to know how this princess ensures best talents are being shortlisted as the recipients of the 2020 Sawai Awards…

By Harsh Vardhan

Diya Kumari, the Jaipur princess and Rajsamand MP, enters the square-shaped drawing room with joined hands to wish and receive greetings from others with whom she is attending a meeting. 

“Less than ten minutes as I have another meeting soon after” she drops a busy-time-bomb and settles comfortably with a sheaf of papers carrying names of proposed recipients of the 2020 Sawai Awards. It is the last meeting to finalise some 30 best talents to be conferred with a certificate, a replica of a metal urn in which a Maharaja had carried the Ganges water to England for daily use, a shawl, a certificate, and some cash besides a book containing all about awards. Despite the virus reasons, she is keen to sit, face-to-face with members of the jury board to carry out business.  

 Her quest to find more talents

She questions, “Are there more names to be discussed? Are there even better candidates? What about the youth? Females from different strata? Those less privileged? How to accord the awards to the best deserving ones?” It is full throttle tempo. She means business. And mind you, no gaps left. 

She takes lead in suggesting new names

And she also picks up name of the some one whose background was inappropriate. At such an impromptu dissection, no answers are served. She suggests new names. How about Akshya Patra? Did any one think over RANA, based in New York and serving the Indian society in various ways? Who will find out the contact details? The decisive pace is quickened as she seeks more details and also adds her own mind for each award. She spends double the time than what she had set apart for this event. At end, a member remarks: You have taken the “class” today. She smiles to add: it is a team work. 

Makes another big announcement of a book release 

As she proposes thanks to jury members, another news-bomb is explored. A book will be released this time. “It will be on my father”, Maharaja Sawai Bhawani Singh, a renowned polo player, served the Indian Army to receive Maha Veer Chakra, and remained an envoy for India, among other feats. The annual award ceremony takes place on his birthday (22 October). This time, the event will be through video-presentation.  Pity that Jaipur’s City Palace would not be agog with a charming gathering of old and young, traditional and modern, to applaud the winners. 

Meet this woman of substance balancing professional and personal commitments

This Princess-turned-politician is rubbing shoulders with crafty and wise in the Indian parliament. She has been renewing contacts with diplomats, many been thickly associated with her ancestors, tapping new sources to enlarge her who’s-who diction, keeping a track of the political developments and is visiting the constituency while balancing social and political cadres and managing the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum Trust. Besides these, she has also been giving tips to her two sons and a daughter and also spends quality time with her mother, Rajmata Padmini Devi.  

Diya Kumari: Know why this princess-turned-politician is poised for new political position
Member of Parliament Diya Kumari exchanging greetings with Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister

Meet this balanced and matured politician

A female amidst male-dominated circumstances, she is a politician who is now a much-balanced, matured and astute personality. People are her darling while the constituency is like Ram Charit Manas for her. Priorities are charted out on priority basis as she is not in hurry. Circumstances have tanned her career however she is more confident and is gradually getting better placed to occupy an enviable position in politics. Matter of years. A different phase of life to dawn after January 30, 2021. 

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