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By the women, for the women and of the women! This university in Rajasthan helps girls to spread their wings far and wide…

Do you know about the NAAC Accredited India’s First State Private Women’s University situated in Rajasthan? EBNW Story is delighted to take you on a sojourn of this unique university named Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University which is working with the foremost mission of empowering women not only through education but also by making them independent to run and manage their own finances. The Founder & Advisor of the university, Dr. Panckaj Garg has been declared the ‘Youngest Founder of a University’ by ‘India Book of Records’. A sneak peek into this woman-empowering centre which stands different in all prospectives…

The Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University is situated in rural settings with an aim to provide women education in unconventional fields and plug in the gap by offering diverse set of programmes under one umbrella for female candidates. The aim is to make them skilled, educated and disciplined candidates and to present them as a role model to the society in the form of women leader at key positions in academic institutions. Also, the university moulds the female students to work smartly and efficiently on diverse positions which are not being offered or open for women.

Women headed by women administrators

Our action speaks better than the words. This is being proved by the staff of our university which comprises women in large numbers. It won’t be wrong for us to say that women students are being headed and guided by women administrators in this university.

University is taking all its efforts to empower the women to lead the society while providing an opportunity to women employees to lead and excel. The decisions related to the academic and administrative aspects lies in the hands of a women and over 80 percent of the positions at JVWU are headed and managed by women administrators quite efficiently by them since the start of the university,

By the women, for the women and of the women! This university in Rajasthan helps girls to spread their wings far and wide...
1st Cycle NAAC Peer Team Visit 2018 in university

Women empowerment, the sole aim of the university

The University works with a clear focus on learning/research/extension and aims to be recognised as a harbinger of change to bring in peace/progress/prosperity for society while emphasising on women empowerment. This is the only private University which is offering professional/technical education exclusively for women aiming at providing a platform to establish them in technical and unconventional fields. This University also empowers the girl students by providing them with a platform to work on various startups/innovation/incubation and enable them to emerge as entrepreneurs. 

Celebrations galore at the university to give a message on ‘save girls, save society’

Women chancellors bringing a difference

Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University is exceptional for it is being run by female chancellor, vice chancellor, and other key administrative posts are also handled by women.

As the University is administered by women administrators, the students here get a homely, caring and motherly environment.

The success of our institutes in terms of women empowerment is evident from the fact that 

  • Many students are placed at administrative positions where they are working with equal efficiency as that of their male competitors and in many places, have left them behind in race.
  • Females are also empowered to fend off domestic violence  
  • Our students display their talents, skills and experiences across sectors and verticals of the economy by setting an example in the society.

Diverse subjects

The university offers diverse subjects including Disaster Management, Community Development, Women Rights and Law, Cyber Security, Help Aid & Self Defense in all its programmes as compulsory courses. It also provides employment to dozens of non-skilled females, including widows and divorcees, coming from the weaker section of the rural society. Some peons have been graduated and pursuing post graduation with the support given by the University. 

Offering almost all general, professional, medical, technical and skill programmes under single roof exclusively for girls, the University Management is transforming the lives of the girl child and is also promoting the Mission “Beti Bachao- Beti Padhao”. Many initiatives have been taken for promotion of Women Higher Education by offering various scholarships to encourage girls to enrol in Professional & Technical Education and to prevent Dropouts.  

Fabulous results

University has been providing world-class infrastructure to excel its students and staff in the field of research and entrepreneurship. Continuously striving towards success, University has done significant work in research. As a result, 17 patents have been filed and published and several grants have also been provided for the development work. This University has also incubated 19 startups in campus out of which 07 are registered on Startup India and 04 are under the process of Registration.  

Along with the educational contribution to the society, University has Multi-specialty AYUSH Hospital providing free Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment with Modern Diagnostic Facilities including Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Jan Aushidhi Kendra with free accommodation, food and ambulance facility to the patients that are personally monitored himself.

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