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Asha Kandara: This Jodhpur sweeper is now a deputy collector in Rajasthan

Asha Kandara is a Jodhpur-based sweeper who has been garnering accolades after cracking the Rajasthan Administrative Services Exam-2018 to become a deputy collector in Rajasthan.

Asha, working as a sweeper with Jodhpur Municipal Corporation, has cracked the RAS 2018 to serve as the deputy collector in the Rajasthan government.

Scripting the story of grit and determination, this woman never paused in her life even after the separation from her husband . She preferred sweeping roads in Jodhpur rather than to sit as dependant to her family and raise her two kids. 

Soon after her divorce, she pursued her graduation and and simultaneously took the job of a sweeper and cleaned the streets of Jodhpur to earn her living. 

In 2018, she appeared for RAS and now comes the result which has brought tears of joys in her eyes.

“I had to go through the curse of broken marriage, caste discrimination and gender bias, but it never stopped me to dream of becoming a senior officer,” she says with pride.

Today, felicitations are pouring in from all corners of the society as she has been honoured by mayors and senior officers of the same corporation where she worked as a sweeper.

Kandara feels proud of sitting with senior officials like an equal, during her felicitation event.

“This is what my struggled was for,” she said, as she gives credit for her success to her parents and her determination.

“I want to bring justice to the society. My endeavour is for my community and for every victim of injustice,” she asserted.

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