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Latest UpdatesEmpowermentWoman educationist Dr Rajeshwari Narendran questions women inequality in financial decisions

Woman educationist Dr Rajeshwari Narendran questions women inequality in financial decisions

Let’s meet Dr Rajeshwari Narendran, a woman who has carved a niche in diverse fields. The educationist with a difference inspires thousands of women who want to make a mark on the global map.

Her Introduction

She is a Ph.D. in Management & MBA, Andrew Towl Scholar- Harvard Business School (GloColl and CWW), Boston, USA and  FDP IIM-A 2009 and holds the distinction of being the first-ever woman and youngest National President of Indian Society for Training & Development. She is Director MHRM, ML Sukhadia University, Udaipur and Visiting Professor to IIM Udaipur , IIM Ahmedabad and has delivered invited Lectures at Harvard Business School as well.

Inspiring Stories

Recently, Dr Rajeshwari Narendran inspired many women while addressing the WMF series – ‘Inspiring Stories’ which is an ongoing monthly event organised by Women Mentor Forum on zoom.

Speaking on the occasion, she questioned, “Why women don’t take charge of their financial decisions? Why she leaves the big decisions regarding wealth, taxes, property to the men in the family? Why women do not question other people’s decision? Why they do not take active participation in information or financial analysis?”

While sharing the critical women-related insight, she described the complex human behaviour by using animal analogy in an easy manner. 

The event was chaired by Archana Jain, Executive Chairperson 2020. 

In the past five months, despite a raging pandemic, worldwide members of WMF gather and discuss progressive ideas and try to contribute in enriching each others’ lives. The vision is to make the women more self reliant, demonstrating solidarity for societal well-being through mentoring initiatives. 

WMF’s Mission

The motto of WMF is ‘Pay it Forward’.  WMF mission is to encourage and develop new generation women leadership by helping them realise their professional goals. In this direction, the forum organise talks, workshops, training and development sessions for start ups.

WMF is  a pioneering platform founded by Archana Surana (Founder & Director, ARCH College of Design & Business) for young women professionals and entrepreneurs to be mentored by experienced women to grow and scale up their businesses in Jaipur. 

Over the years, WMF has impacted 600 lives by mentoring and organising workshops and seminars that addresses various aspects of management along with preparing women for a larger role in Society through leadership.

At WMF, it’s not just about ideas, its about making those ideas happen …

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