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Do you know micro greens make nutritious gifts during COVID-19 era? Read here for details

Do you know micro greens make the best nutritious gifts during COVID-19 era?

Surprised, isnt it? But it is true that micro greens can be gifted as pack to promote health benefits in present times when world is battling the most difficult fight with un unseen enemy.

Even in these testing times, women entrepreneurs continue keeping their spirits up and Jaipur is no exception with women entrepreneurs here devising unique ways to promote their businesses.

Do you know micro greens make nutritious gifts during COVID-19 era? Read here for details
One amongst them is Nisha Chaudhary who has devised a special unique technique of growing microgreens by using tissue papers.
Under this technique, Nisha uses a shallow plastic or cardboard tray and then spreads out 2–3 kitchen paper towels/tissue papers.
Water is sprayed on it lightly which is followed by scattering a handful of your chosen seeds. It’s again being covered with a light layer of tissue paper.
Now, one needs to sprinkle water very lightly from time to time on this base which needs to be kept on your window sill or in a well lit area.
The microgreens are ready in a 4 -5 days. In fact, they are ready to be used when 3- 4 leaves appear.

She says, “Microgreens are fast gaining popularity as they are rich in flavour and add a welcome splash of colour to a variety of dishes.”

Also she has expert skills to plant different saplings in beautiful pots which can be gifted to corporate clients.

This woman entrepreneur is now busy promoting living plants and beautiful designer pots as gifts.

Nisha basically is a landscape designer, is passionate for gardening and for creating beautiful outside spaces. She inspires all to reconnect with outdoor spaces and take care of the greenery around us. She promotes living plants and beautiful designer pots as gifts. Also Nisha creates and maintains functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces in tiny yards or balconies, large gardens of hotels, schools and office spaces.
Speaking on micro greens, she says, “I chose micro greens because they have a important role in human nutrition and health as their nutrient contents tend to be rich in potassium iron, zinc etc and this all together enhances immunity which is very vital and need of the time especially in the time of COVID,” she says further

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