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The scientist duo finds the all-new crispy samosa for your taste

In 2016, the power duo Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Veer Singh founded "Samosa Singh."

The couple had tremendous respect and love for Indian food and culture. Thus, they were intrigued by the idea of selling samosas with a twist. Their interest and love for Indian street food were enough for them to switch from a biotechnologist career to an entrepreneurial venture.

Nidhi states that she feels content while sharing joy among people in the form of food. Many people asked her why they chose samosas. To which their reply was, “Why not samosa?”
Both Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Veer Singh were biotechnologists in Bangalore. However, they always wanted to own something. Thus, in 2016, they founded “Samosa Singh.”
Today, the number of outlets has increased to 60 in nine cities. People love their Indian snacks because of their crispy and crunchy twist. Their business lifted in the aviation industry first before COVID. However, they slowly started to find more places in the local cities. The couple exclaimed that the whole venture is not limited to samosas.
They believe in providing a sense of nostalgia to their customers, as “Samosa” holds a lot of memory. They conduct extensive study before creating a precisely designed samosa. They worked and studied for R&D to produce samosas that would stay crunchy and crispy for a long period of time.

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