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Now, you can operate 3 numbers on one mobile

Mobile world is creating yet another revolution. You can soon operate 3 numbers can be run on one mobile.  

Samsung, Apple and Google have plans to change their SIM slots of the phone. Eventually, the physical SIM slot can be a part of history. While it sounds like speculation, but Android can work on it as  its new version can be given multiple unable profiles (MEP)

In recent past, the way of using SIM cards in mobiles has changed and companies are moving to e-SIMs, leaving besides the use of physical SIM cards.

A report said that multiple unable profiles (MEP) are being tested in Android 13. With this function, multiple profiles can be run or activated on the same e-SIM card. 

e-SIM is an embedded subscriber identity module that works virtually on any mobile. A software-based SIM, it can be updated soon on the Android 13 version somewhere in the month of July in the stable version.

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