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A grassroot organisation comes up to fight unemployment amid COVID-19

Launches app which helps find employers, employees and newer business options

Can unemployment be eradicated if people from society join hands and come together to help those in dire needs?

This question might sound surprising but there is a live case being reported in Rajasthan’s Sikar district where a grassroot organisation called as Laghu Udhyog Bharati is showing the way to fight unemployment in society by helping those looking for jobs in getting decent earning opportunities.

The organisation recently launched an app which helps finding employees, employers and newer business options. 

Giving options in three categories, the app’s first category comprises people who want jobs, second category is for those who have vacancies and is looking for employees and the third category is of people who want to opt for self employment.

All those interested in enrolling with any one of the categories will have to register themselves in the app which can be opened using desktop, phone and e-mitra while logging into

This app shall help the migrants returning from different parts of the nation to their native place in wake of lockdown to make decent earnings and earn their livelihood.

The officials launching the app said that as COVID-19 has brought in high rate of unemployment, we all planned to introduce this app which can serve the needs of all three sections of people, those looking for job, those looking for candidates to work and those who want to set up their own businesses.

Those who want to opt for any of these avenues can register with the app, said Vishal, the departmental pracharak (spokesperson).

Others who were present on the occasion were Dr Nagarmal Goyal, Mahendra Mishra and Hanuman Prasad Agrawal.

The app ensures that those looking for jobs can find livelihood near their native place. The unemployed can register at this app and can get specific job after getting his profile scrutinised. Also those who want to set their own businesses in their home towns shall also be helped in the endeavour.

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