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The Lost Museum of Music: A Tale of Preservation and Passion 

Simran Saini reports on the Lost collection of Audio-visuals CDs and records on the roads of Chaura Rasta..

In the bustling streets of Jaipur, amidst the modernity of the city, there lies a hidden gem that encapsulates the essence of a bygone era – the “Lost Museum of Music” on Chaura Rasta. Tucked away behind the façade of a small bookstore, this unassuming establishment is a heaven for those seeking a nostalgic journey into the world of music and audiovisual treasures that time almost forgot. 

At the heart of this unique place is Sayed Na-deem Rizve, an Electronics Engineer by profession. His journey from academic pursuits to the world of vintage music memorabilia is a testament to the unexpected turns life can take. Having completed his education at Rama College, Jaipur, and even obtaining a master’s degree in electronics, destiny led him to seek opportunities in Saudi Arabia. However, the allure of his homeland proved irresistible, and he returned to India after a year, drawn back by the unmistakable scent of his country’s earth – the mitti. 

Life’s meandering path eventually led him to his father’s quaint music store. Though his initial intention was to simply look after his father’s health, the captivating aura of the store slowly began to seep into his soul. It was in this humble establishment that the melodies of the past echoed through time, creating an inexplicable connection between Sayed Na-deem Rizve and the world of vintage music. 

The store, a treasure trove of nostalgia, boasts an awe-inspiring collection that spans eras and mediums. With over 4,000 cassettes, 2,500 CDs, and a staggering 5,000 vinyl records encompassing LPs, EPs, and 78rpm records, it is a sanctuary for music enthusiasts and history aficionados alike. Walking into the store feels like stepping into a time capsule, where the significance and authenticity of items like DVDs, gramophones, and CDs, which seemed to have waned in the fast-paced digital age, are meticulously preserved. 

What catches the eye immediately upon entering is the carefully adorned wall, bedecked with posters of iconic 60s movies like “Mughal-E-Azam” and others, transporting visitors to a cinematic yesteryear. The store also boasts an impressive array of vintage music players, each with its own story to tell. The ambiance is so evocative that the store has earned the affectionate moniker of the “Museum of Music.” 

As time marches on, Sayed Na-deem Rizvi grapples with the impending future of his cherished store. He recognizes that the flame he has kindled may not be easily passed on to the next generation, and the question of what will become of this time capsule in the years to come weighs heavily on his heart. While he acknowledges the option of selling the precious collection, the thought of parting with these treasures to an unknown fate is a prospect he finds hard to bear. To him, the emotional value of these relics surpasses any monetary gain they might offer. 

In the end, the “Lost Museum of Music” stands not only as a repository of tangible items but as a testament to the enduring power of passion and dedication. Sayed Na-deem Rizve’s journey

from an Electronics Engineer to a guardian of musical history is a reminder that sometimes, our life’s journey takes us to unexpected destinations. And through his care and preservation, this unassuming store continues to resonate with the melodies of the past, inviting all who enter to experience the magic of a time that lives on through the music and memories held within its walls.

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