Palace on Wheels- A New Wedding Destination in Rajasthan!

The Rajasthan Tourism Department is making weddings even more special by turning the luxurious Palace on Wheels into a unique wedding destination. This famous train, known for its beauty and luxury, will now host destination weddings, complete with pre and post-wedding photo shoots.

Deputy Chief Minister of Tourism, Diya Kumari, shared that this decision will not only boost destination weddings in Rajasthan but also attract foreign tourists to experience the rich art, culture, and traditional weddings in the state.

Rajasthan is actively working to upgrade its tourist facilities to meet global standards, aiming to attract more visitors, both domestic and international. With 75% of the country’s heritage properties, Rajasthan is already a top choice for destination weddings.

Cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur, with their stunning forts and mansions, have become popular wedding destinations. The state has around 120 heritage properties hosting destination weddings, showcasing Rajasthan’s suitability for these grand celebrations.

Celebrities, from Bollywood to Hollywood, are increasingly choosing Rajasthan for their weddings. The allure of heritage forts and picturesque settings creates a fairytale atmosphere, giving a royal touch to the entire celebration. The weddings become not just personal celebrations but also an opportunity for the couple and guests to experience the regal charm of Rajasthan, creating lasting memories.

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