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Pottery is one of the oldest and most common decorative art which speaks the tales of artistic legacy which has passed on from generations to generations, simply flowing in smoothly over decades to get a touch of modernity while retaining its basic crux…Aakanksha reports how the art has passed through testing times to stay alive and now comes with a touch of modernity…

Pottery basically consists of objects made of clay which are hardened with heat. The objects made are commonly useful, such as vessels for holding liquids or plates or bowls from which food can be served.

Pottery, since years, has been depicting elegance and fine artwork clearly. Therefore, it has won hearts of many people. 

However, In India, we have found various types of evidence that clearly states that pottery was alive and thriving in India way before. Mainly, archaeologists found evidence around the early statements of Mehargarh from the very Indus valley civilization. 

According to the archaeologists, pottery was one of the most valuable pieces of evidence. The art of pottery was not just a clay art but a mirror to the traditions before. The art of pottery worked like a portal between the two worlds as it became the only source of understanding. 

People found the very first reference to pottery in the Neolithic age. However, archaeologists also found many advanced usages of pottery in the neolithic age. More detailed pottery was found in the Harappan civilization, where pottery was finished with more details, such as polished ware with a rough surface, ochre-colored pottery, black and white ware, and many more. 

As time changes everything, pottery has also become advanced and more defined. Modern touch has made the art of pottery shine in today’s trends and give it a new path. People are more fascinated with the art of pottery and curious about its beauty. Thus, it has become a new art statement. 

However, today pottery has become more of a slick and elegant art. And the art lovers are more than thrilled to accept the new modernity in the subject of pottery. The modern art of pottery is much more reflected in the home décor, interior design, fashion statements, and many more. 

Thus, a touch of modernity towards pottery has redefined ancient art making it popular on global map.

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