Welcoming India’s First AI Teacher

A school in Kerala has introduced Iris, a humanoid teacher, which is a big step forward in educational technology. They worked with Makerlabs Edutech Private Limited to create Iris, aiming to make learning more fun and easy for everyone. It’s a new and exciting way to make education interactive and accessible.

The AI teacher Iris is super cool for students! It can talk in at least three languages, answer tough questions, and has cool features like being a voice assistant, making learning fun, doing stuff with its hands, and moving around.

Makerlabs shared a video of Iris on their Instagram, and people are really liking it! They say that Iris, the AI Teacher Robot, is going to change how we learn – like a big makeover for education!

“By adapting to each student’s needs and preferences, IRIS empowers educators to deliver engaging and effective lessons like never before,” wrote Makerlabs on the post.

The Capabilities of Iris

Multi-language Communication – This makes learning super cool for students who speak different languages, so everyone can join in and have fun together.

Voice Assistance and Interactive Learning – Iris is like a helpful friend because it can talk to students, help with lessons, answer questions, and have cool conversations about learning stuff.

Manipulation and Mobility – Iris can do cool things with its hands and move around using wheels, making it really good at getting around the classroom. So, it can go wherever it’s needed to help students learn better.

Technology Integration – Iris is super smart because it mixes robots with smart thinking (AI). It has a special Intel brain and helper to do lots of teaching jobs really well. So, Iris can do all kinds of cool things to help students learn.

User-Friendly Interface – Using an easy Android app, you can talk to Iris and learn in a way that’s just right for you. It’s like having a special learning buddy that understands what you need and makes learning super easy.

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