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Prasoon Joshi bday special: His parents were musicians but did not want him to become musician…

Prasoon Joshi is a famous lyricist of Indian cinema who besides being known as ‘Advertising Guru’ in the advertising world, is the executive chairman of the international advertising company ‘McAnn Ericsson’. 

He is playing the role of Creative Director of this company in the continent of Asia. He is also a sensitive writer, a top composer of songs and ghazals in Bollywood. He has also received a ‘National Award’ for the song ‘Maa’ from the superhit film ‘Taare Zameen Par’. Joshi was born on 16 September 1968 in Almora, Uttarakhand

Writer-adman Prasoon Joshi was in Jaipur two years back when he said that as his parents were musicians, they were scared to let him become a musician fearing how he would sustain himself.

He says he has seen a lot of struggle to be where he is today, but his first aim was always to be stable in life. “Looking at their apprehensions, I first completed my masters in Physics and MBA as my primary aim was to become self-reliant so that I could take my passion of being a writer/lyricist forward,” Joshi said here.

“After completing my formal education, I forayed into advertising,” he added.

Joshi, chairperson of the Central Board of Film Certification, was speaking on the sidelines of the MTV India Music Summit.

According to him, “The youngsters from middle class families have to choose from limited choices as they first need to think about standing firm on their feet. Once stable, they have to think of taking the next step.”

Citing an example of legendary athlete Milkha Singh in this context, Joshi said: “While writing ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, Milkhaji shared a similar experience that initially he ran to have an extra glass of milk and the other big goals to earn name and fame came at the next level.”

Asked about his own favourite song, he said his poetry on mother and motherhood are very close to his heart.

“‘Tujhe sab hai pata hai na maa’ and ‘Luka chhupi bahut hui’ are my favourites as I am quite touched with this devotional feeling of motherhood, he said.

Joshi feels budding lyricists should read a lot, get exposed to craft, garner thoughts from life and its experiences, observe even the minutest happening around them and share their innermost feelings.

“Your journey starts from yourself, so try and understand yourself first,” he said.

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