Dr Rajendra Joshi: The harbinger of change who brought Swiss Dual System to India to build a ‘Skilled Nation’

This is a story of a man born in Rajasthan’s small town Jhunjhunu who has big dreams shining bright in his eyes right from his childhood. He went to Switzerland to pursue his PhD after getting a pharmacy degree from BITS Pilani. After exploring the European countries developed model which remained unaffected even after world War II, he brought in a ‘Swiss-Dual-System’ in India to become a harbinger of change in education sector of India, while setting his eyes on creating a skilled nation.

This man with vision and mission is no other than Dr Rajendra Joshi who is also being termed as the father of modern skill development for he set-up a state-of-the-art university in Jaipur to showcase the benefits of the dual system of education. He is also credited with developing several therapeutic drugs, including the well-known Fumaderm and Tecfidera (BG 12). After spending most of his life in Switzerland, this research scientist, shifted his attention to developing India’s vast talent pool through various skill development initiatives.

He was visionary researcher and a social entrepreneur, who along with his wife Ursula Joshi, set up a new trend in the field of Modern Skill Development and established the Rajendra and Ursula Joshi (RUJ) Group in 2013 in Rajasthan, India. 

Swiss Dual System of Skill Development

Aiming to skill and empower the youth with the best of the Swiss Dual System of Skill Development, this Group is scripting a success story by creating and offering employment by skilling young talent into professionals making every individual self-sustainable.

There are many credits to Dr. Rajendra Joshi’s portfolio which include 

Inventing Tecfidera (BG 12), a medicine against multiple sclerosis (MS): Tecfidera is sold globally by Biogen Idec and is considered to be a blockbuster product. 

Dr. Rajendra Joshi laid the foundation of RS India-RUJ & SRM Mechanics Pvt. Ltd., for manufacturing of precision parts, surgical instruments, cutlery, etc., in collaboration with Swiss company SRM Technologies AG.  

The group is also promoting RUFIL – RUJ Food Industries Limited, which is dealing in vast portfolio of dairy products.

Dr. Joshi was recently awarded with the Pravasi Bharatiya Award by the President of India for his exemplary work in the field of science and technology

He was a philanthropist who donated with open hearts

Dr. Joshi, in addition to contribution in development of skilled workforce in India, took keen interest in philanthropic activities especially in the field of education.  He contributed Rs. 6 crore to the Nalanda University for funding a Chair in the School of Historical Studies which was widely covered by the national media.  Dr. Joshi also established Rajendra and Ursula Joshi Education Society (JES) with an FCRA certificate, with the aim of helping needy students in their education and for helping other people for medical purposes.

He & his wife studied how Swiss Dual System helped economies to sail smooth during WWII and brought this system to India

Dr. Joshi married Mrs. Ursula Joshi in 1989 a pharmacist from ETH, Zurich who was running her own pharmacy. Throughout their lives, they both always wondered and searched for reasons as to how the Swiss, German and Austrian economies were so sound that even a huge crisis like World War II could not unsettle them.  The reason they realised was that the skilled workforce of all these countries was over 92% including academicians, which is totally different than other European countries and rest of the world. The system of apprenticeship education prevailing in these three countries was totally different from the rest of the world and is called the “Swiss Dual System”.  The “Dual” here means learning in theory in vocational school and practical training on job in industry.


This visionary man tied know with Ursula Joshi in 1989, who was a pharmacist from ETH, Zurich running her own pharmacy. Presently, she is the co-founder of RUJ Group. 

All his life, Dr. Joshi observed the Swiss, German and Austrian economies very closely and found out that the base of their economy is skilled workforce and the USP of quality.  The system of apprenticeship education prevailing in these three countries was totally different from the rest of the world and is called the “Swiss Dual System”.  With the aim to bring in Swiss Expertise to India and skilling the massive talent pool of the country making the youth employable, skillful and offering them roles that just fit them right, Dr. Rajendra Joshi introduced the unique model of Apprentice Training and Dual System of Skill Development in India.

RUJ Group has six other diversified businesses and one university as under:

One such venture is BSDU. Established in 2016, the Bhartiya Skill Development University (BSDU) is the first unique skill development university in India with a vision to create Global excellence in skill development sector by creating opportunities, space and scope for the development of talents of Indian youth and by making them global fit. The university is currently offering B.Voc., M.Voc. and PhD Skill courses.

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