Kamla Devi : The real life hero who stood strong and became a mother figure for her daughter-in-law

Kamla Devi a resident of Fatehpur Shekhawati in Rajasthan encourages her widow daughter-in-law to study, to get a job and remarries her after making her stand on her own feet. Let's know about this encouraging real life story...

A strong women stands for herself but stronger women stand up for everyone else. Yes let’s talk about it with the fact that we are living in a country which is considered as one of the most vulnerable country for women and where women are still fighting for their rights.

We read various stories on daily basis on women conditions which remain deplorable in certain communities. But today we came across a unique story where a mother in law is becoming an inspiration for many.

Kamla Devi a resident Fatehpur Shekhawati in Rajasthan is one such strong woman who broke all stereotypes and set a great example by treating her daughter-in-law like her own daughter. This unique journey started when Kamla Devi’s younger son Shubham died due to a brain stroke in Russia, just after being married for few months in 2016.

Her son was in Kyrgzstan of central Asia pursuing MBBS degree and died an unfortunate death which left his mother in sorrow and agony and his newly wedded wife a widow.

But Kamla Devi stood strong for her daughter-in-law with a thought of building her up for a bright future.

It is often said that, “A strong women is someone who raises other women up instead of tearing them down”. And here is the best example we all can see.

Kamla Devi encouraged her daughter-in-law to study further and find a job. Kamla Devi had always considered Sunita as her son and she made and aim to make Sunita stand on her own feet.

After her son’s death, Kamla Devi convinced Sunita to complete her B.Ed degree and pursue Masters. She stand strong beside her throughout her journey,  encouraging her in every step. As a result after five years of hard work Sunita, in her fist attempt was qualified to become a grade 1 history lecturer. Currently Sunita is teaching at Nainasar Sumeria of Sardar city in Churu district.

But this is not just it, Kamla Devi again surprised the society when she took the decision of re marrying her widow daughter-in-law.

Just after Sunita stood on her own feet, Kamla Devi fixed her marriage to Hetram Mavaliya, resident of Chandanpura in Sikar district.

During the wedding ceremony, Kamala Devi performed all the wedding rituals as a mother figure including Kanyadan which are performed by the parents of the bride.

Kamla Devi feels that her daughter-in-law has brought happiness to her family and she will spread happiness in Hetram’s home as well. Her elder son Rajat Bangwara told media that the Devi took care of Sunita more than her kids after the death of Shubham.

It was also reported that previously during Shubham’s marriage, Sunita’s family was not in sound financial condition as the custom goes in their village, they still offered to give dowry but Kamla Devi denied.

Kamla Devi is the real life hero and inspiration for many, her village came forward to support and applaud her move and called her as a big change for society.

The world needs more strong women like Sunita Devi who lift other women up and stand together side by side bravely.

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