Rajasthani Ghagra: Winning millions of hearts across world

Rajasthani ghagra, the traditional clothing of desert state, has made a mark on world map and won millions of hearts!

‘Rajasthani Ghagra is the pleated, long and embroidered skirt with bright swirling colours which is decorated with mirror work.

Representing the colourful culture of the desert state and the art and craft of the desert state, this dress has influenced world renowned designers and taken the dress to global fashion connoisseurs too!

The Rajasthani Ghagra is worn as the lower portion of a Ghagra kanchli, also called as Choli (blouse) and is tied around the waist, held by a drawstring. 


The history of these ghaghras goes back to the 5th or 6th century AD as similar dresses have been seen in Buddhist sculptures and paintings dating from the Kushana or early Gupta period which is the archetype of the modern Ghagra.

Also these dresses were worn in the courts of the Mughals during Mughal era. 

In present era, ghaghra with beads, fancy stitches, shells, and sequins, is in vogue. The motifs commonly used in ghaghras are of birds, animals, and flowers.

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