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Music of Manganiyar artists crosses Rajasthan borders to become a living legend on earth

Do you you the Manganiyars community in Western Rajasthan comprise Muslim court musicians whose music is mesmerising, complex, engaging and secular which appeals, lures and touches soul of the listeners with its in-depth rhythms.

Flowing smooth, their music bypasses all sets of laws to become a legacy in its own domain.

These manganiyars once had their royal patrons which seem to have lost their presence now from the erstwhile pages of history. However, the music of this community has become eternal, spreading its melodies across the globe, transcending all borders.

The history chapters reveal that the Manganiyars used to perform in houses of their patrons in different functions such as marriages, death and birth ceremonies. In return of their performances, they used to ask for alms in return. Many of them still continue this tradition.
This community is divided into two parts, one whose patrons are Hindus and the other who have Muslim patrons. While the Hindu patrons belonged to Bhati and Rathore clans of Rajputs, the Muslim patrons were Sindhi Muslims.

The Manganiyar community reflects the perfect communal bonhomie for generations. Although they are Sunni Muslims by birth, their lifestyle and dressing fashion reflect the very Hindu or the Ganga-Jamuna culture. You can find many Shankar Khans and Krishna Khans in this village.

Their last many generations have been linked to both Muslim and Hindu families for their livelihood and have been following the tradition of singing and composing music for their jajmaans (patrons).

Their specialty comprises describing about their jajmaans’ illustrious history which remains full of honour and pride. They also hold expertise in describing about jajmaan’s Genealogy with the support of other artists and this art is known as ‘Shubhraj’.

Such is the ability of these artists that they recite all the names of the last few generations of the jajmaans within the space of a single breath. It’s not just names but also the description of their achievements which they can narrate in seconds. And it was in exchange of the expertise that they were rewarded handsomely in the form of grain, wheat, goat, camel, sheep, horse or cash.

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