Atal Bridge: Cyclists can also use this foot-over-bridge. Know its unique features…

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Wanna visit a bridge which is described as foot over bridge but can also be used by cyclists? Do you want to bask under the beauty of dazzling LED lights sparkling across the beautiful riverfront? Try visiting the Atal Bridge situated on the Sabarmati river in Gujarat’s Ahmedabad city. The EBNW Story takes a quick glimpse of its unique perspectives. Here comes the details..

Atal Bridge view on Sabarmati River
  • This iconic bridge comes with an eye-catching design and LED lighting.
  • It is nearly 300 metre long and 14 metre wide in the middle.
  • The bridge is built using 2,600 metric tonnes of steel pipes.
  • The roof of the bridge is built with colourful fabric, and the railing has been built with glass and stainless steel.
  • The food-over bridge on one side connects the flower garden on the western-end of the riverfront with the upcoming arts and culture centre on the eastern-end.
  • Besides pedestrians, cyclists can use this bridge to cross the river while avoiding traffic.
  • Visitors can view the riverfront from middle of the waterbody.
  • The bridge has been designed in a way that people can approach it from lower and upper walkways, or promenades of the riverfront.

In fact, PM Narendra Modi who inaugurated the bridge on Saturday himself posted the spectacular pictures from his twitter handle and here comes these posts…

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