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7 Jain temples of Jaisalmer: Experience true serenity here!

The Jain Temples of Jaisalmer are situated right inside the Jaisalmer Fort campus. There are a total of seven of these temples and each of them give a sight of sheer greatness. 

Containing frescoes, mirrors and other forms of detailing, the temples boast of exquisite designs, with the walls of the temples adorned with human and animal figures in the style of Dilwara temples. 

Upon reaching the Jain Temples in Jaisalmer, you will see Chandraprabhu, the first temple. This temple is dedicated to the eighth tirthankar, and was constructed in 1509. 

Comprising of the mandapa, this temple is nothing short of an iconic one. Then, on turning right, you will get a view of the calm Rikhabdev temple that’s carefully safeguarded with glass cabinets. 

After that, you will find the majestic Parasnath that’s located behind Chandraprabhu. This is followed by a door on the south through which you will reach Shitalnath that’s dedicated to the tenth tirthankar. 

Further, the northern wall will take you to the door of the mesmerising Sambhavanth. The remaining two temples i.e. Shantinath and Kunthunath contain beautiful carvings as well for you to revel in. These Jain temples of Jaisalmer are architectural wonders in their own right, a fact which makes for a compelling visit. To top it off, the Astapadhi Temples are located in the same complex, which just goes on to add to a tranquil experience.

How to reach here:

One can hire or share an auto rickshaw from anywhere in Jaisalmer. The temples are located in the complex of Jaisalmer fort.

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