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Unveiling the Inaugural Marvel: Malwa Media Fest’s First Session

The first-ever Malwa Media Fest was super exciting! It was like a mix of cool ideas, new things, and a lot of passion. Right from the beginning, the event was full of awesome multimedia stuff that made everyone go “wow.” It was like stepping into a whole new world of media.

The fest had a big goal – to tell students about journalism and show them that media can be a great career choice. It was a planned event with lots of interesting sessions to make it a fun place for students. The fest was born because some people wanted to give students an opportunity to learn and try out new things.

The Opening Show was amazing! The director, Archana Sharma, started things off with a really interesting talk. There were cool presentations and workshops to check out, especially about the work of Saksham Sanchar Foundation.

Here are some cool things that happened:

There were talks by experts in writing, poetry, TV, digital media, and journalism. They talked about the interesting things happening and the challenges in the media world.

The fest kicked off with a deep dive into poetry with Azhar Hashmi’s “Ram Wala Hindustan Chahiye.” It’s like a powerful poem about wanting a society where everyone gets along. Ajhar Hashmi, the poet, shared his thoughts on the poem and even quoted some ancient verses. He connected the poem to history and society, calling it a positive link between young people and the world.

He talked about how he wrote the poem during a tough time in 1976 and faced criticism for it. He compared important figures like Vedvyas and Lord Krishna to editors, showing their importance in history. The poem talks about the real faces hidden behind masks and the struggles for respect.

“Ram Wala Hindustan Chahiye” is like a journey through our country’s history, culture, and today’s reality. It makes us think about what kind of nation we want to be. Hashmi ended the session by praising Saksham Sanchar Foundation and saying they’re like experts in searching and sculpting. He believes they’re doing a great job in the pursuit of knowledge and making a positive impact.

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