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India’s First Cow Hospital: A Lifeline for Cattle in Need

Gokuldham Gau Seva Mahatirth - 10 Years of Saving Lives

Rajasthan Mission 2030Rajasthan Mission 2030

For over a decade, Gokuldham Gau Seva Mahatirth has been a beacon of hope for India’s bovine population. Established in 2013 by Sunil Nimana, this unique animal hospital, located on 3.5 acres of land beside the Haryana-Jhajjar highway, has provided critical medical care to more than 82,000 cows. What sets it apart is its unwavering commitment to offering round-the-clock free ambulance services to injured and abandoned cows.

Sunil Nimana, a former construction business owner, embarked on this remarkable journey to address the plight of injured and neglected cows that roam the streets, struggling to survive. Inspired by compassion, Nimana established Gokuldham Gau Seva Mahatirth with the sole purpose of offering aid to these gentle creatures.

The hospital’s impact is substantial, with thousands of cows receiving modern medical treatment from a dedicated team of veterinarians. In addition to medical care, destitute, orphaned, and mute cows find shelter and care within the hospital’s facilities.

However, Gokuldham Gau Seva Mahatirth relies on support to continue its vital work. They emphasize that support can come in various forms, including supplies, food, medicines, financial contributions, and volunteer time. Their mission is to provide a haven for cows and ensure they receive the care they deserve.

The Cow Hospital’s Milestones:

– Over 82,000 cows treated in 10 years.

– More than 8,000 cows currently reside in the hospital’s cowsheds.

– Daily intake of 50 to 60 cows for treatment.

– Commitment to preserving the cultural, religious, and environmental importance of cows.

Ongoing Efforts:

Despite its impressive track record, Gokuldham Gau Seva Mahatirth faces increasing expenses due to the rising number of animals in need. They rely on the support of generous individuals who share their dedication to protecting and caring for cows.

In a world where cows hold significant religious, cultural, economic, and environmental importance, Gokuldham Cow Hospital stands as a symbol of compassionate stewardship. Through your support, you can help ensure that no injured or ill cow is left untreated, furthering the hospital’s mission to expand its reach and continue saving lives across India. Join them in their noble cause, and be a companion to these gentle giants.

Indira Gandhi Smartphone YojanaIndira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana
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Rajasthan Mission 2030Rajasthan Mission 2030
Indira Gandhi Smartphone YojanaIndira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana
Rajasthan Mission 2030Rajasthan Mission 2030