Science and TechnologyFlying bike booking starts. know its features, price and speed

Flying bike booking starts. know its features, price and speed

Flying bike has now become a reality and its booking has also started.

Japanese drone-making startup ALI Technologies has launched the bike and its booking.

The company started a demonstration flying video of the world’s first practical hover bike XTURISMO Limited Edition and has started accepting bookings for the XTURISMO Limited Edition from 26th October. 

The company will develop 200 units of this flying bike under which the XTURISMO Limited Edition is priced at 77.7 million yen (approximately Rs 5.10 crore) which includes taxes and insurance premiums.

During the live demonstration, the XTURISMO Limited Edition flying bike was seen soaring through the air in front of the Fuji Racing Track. 

It was also seen slowly forming an eight-shaped figure in the air.

XTURISMO Flying Bike and its speciality 

The XTURISMO Flying Bike or Hover Bike is powered electrically with an internal combustion engine (which runs on petrol). The company aims to bring a full electric version of this flying bike by 2025.

XTURISMO Flying Bike and its weight

The weight of the XTURISMO flying bike is around 300 kg, it measures 3.7 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width and 1.5 meters in height. At present, only one pilot can sit in it.

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