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This Rajasthan village in Jodhpur is scripting a story of sustainability via Saheli Women

Rajasthan village in Jodhpur district is scripting a story of sustainability by designing dresses for renowned personalities including Dutch queen,London rapper Jelani Blackman andcelebrity Livia Firth. EBNW Story features how the dresses made by the small village women is making big impact on global world…

Rajasthan, known as the hub of handicraft and handwork, is witnessing a major transformation in Bhikamkor, a small village of Jodhpur district, where a group of around 80 artisanal women have been making dresses for celebrities including Dutch Queen and renowned London rapper Jelani Blackman. This NGO, headed by Madhu Vaishnav, is reaching out to international clients and partnering with international fashion brands to produce garments, accessories etc aiming at empowering women via skill development to create meaningful livelihood opportunities

Renowned musician Blackman recently wore the dress made by this Saheli Women in one of his concerts.

Saheli Women, in its instagram post, said, “It is amazing to see sustainable fashion growing from grassroots level to big music concerts. We are very close to change in the world. Thank you so much @jelaniblackman to support our mission.”

Jelani, meanwhile, reverted with heart emojis saying, “🧡🔥🧡.”

The dress made by Saheli women was also worn by Netherlands Queen and another celebrity Livia Firth, a sustainable activist and wife of actor Colin Firth.

Livia, on her Instagram handle, said: “I am honoured to wear the story of Bharti, the woman who made this dress @_saheliwomen ?? this is what true sustainability is like – it involves people, their sustainable and fair income and goes all the way through the supply.”

Madhu, in fact, has been scripting a story of sustainability, and going with her desire to help out women, has started a new project to help the Pakistani Hindu immigrants.

“We are very happy to share about our new Saheli Women centre. All the ladies in the area are Pakistani Hindu immigrants who came to India in search of acceptance, security, livelihood and citizenship but are strangled in regulations that have left them stateless for years.

The majority of women have no opportunity to make a livelihood for themselves or their family here and their husband’s struggle to find adequate work in jodhpur, India.

They have nothing to turn to for an income other than to work in the mining industry. Many women were found widowed due to such hazardous jobs resulting in death.”

“While adapting to the new environment, the migrants have a daily struggle to meet basic human needs. this is where Saheli steps in to provide income and training. Saheli women believes in the power a women holds and its goal is to support the women to make them financially and emotionally independent.”

“We teach them the skills that are needed for the job so they can bring food to their home, give their children a better childhood and a brighter future. Our amazing ladies love to work with their fellow Saheli’s and bring this garment to you with love. This can continue to bring light to their life and smiles on their faces. These women are truly inspiring to us,” she says.

(Plz see: The picture has been taken from Vogue magazine)

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