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The Diggi Kalyanpura Temple’s impressive story: A Tale of Love, War, and Devotion

The diamond on the chin of sculpture tells the location of devotees to be coming everyday

During a recent visit to the Diggi Kalyan Ji temple in Malpura, as part of the team Saksham Sanchar Foundation, we were captivated by the rich history and profound significance of this sacred place. The Diggi Kalyan Ji temple, also known as Shri Kalyan temple, is nestled in the Malpura tehsil of Rajasthan’s Tonk district, and our journey unveiled a treasure trove of legends and spiritual insights.

A Temple Steeped in History

This ancient temple is a dedication to Lord Vishnu and, according to local beliefs, its origins can be traced back an astounding 5600 years. Located 82 kilometers from Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, Diggi Kalyan Temple stands as one of the most revered places of worship in the state.

The present-day temple is said to have been constructed by Rana Sangram Singh Ji of the Mewar Dynasty in the year 1527 AD. Its establishment is traditionally associated with the Shukla Paksha Trayodashi of the Jayeshtha Month in the Hindu calendar, with Tiwari Brahmins playing a significant role in the temple’s establishment.

The Journey from Jaipur to Diggi Kalyanpura

The distance between Jaipur and Diggi Kalyanpura is approximately 90 kilometers by road. Traveling to this sacred site is a journey that unveils not only the physical distance but also the spiritual essence of this remarkable temple.

Timings and Tradition

The temple opens its doors at 4:30 in the morning, inviting devotees to embrace the serenity of dawn. It graciously closes at 9 in the evening, allowing worshippers to offer their prayers and seek divine blessings throughout the day.

The Mythical Tale of Urvashi and King Digwa

What sets Diggi Kalyan Ji Temple apart is the enchanting tale that weaves through its existence. It harks back to the celestial dancer, Urvashi, an Apsara, who once graced the heavenly court of Lord Indra in Swarga Lok with her mesmerizing dance. Her performance was intended to appease the gods, but an inadvertent laugh during her dance displeased Lord Indra.

In response, he banished Urvashi from Swarga Lok for 12 years, casting her into the mortal realm, Mrityu Lok. In her newfound life on Earth, Urvashi devoted herself to the company of sages.

One fateful day, King Digwa, the ruler of the land, encountered her in a forest. He was immediately entranced by her ethereal beauty and sought her hand in marriage. Urvashi, however, recounted her history as an Apsara and her unfortunate exile from Lord Indra’s court, graciously declining the king’s proposal.

When Urvashi’s exile was drawing to a close, Lord Indra came to bring her back to Swarga Lok. King Digwa, a valiant warrior, boldly challenged the deity. A fierce battle ensued, neither side yielding to the other’s might. However, Lord Indra, employing crafty tactics, managed to defeat King Digwa. In the wake of his defeat, Urvashi, deeply aggrieved, cursed King Digwa with leprosy.

Undeterred, King Digwa embarked on a path of penance and devotion to Lord Vishnu in the Shree Kalyan Region. His unwavering commitment and spiritual journey ultimately pleased Vishnu Bhagwan.

In response, Lord Vishnu conveyed to the king that he would discover a statue of Lord Vishnu near the river. The king set forth on this divine quest, and his chariot eventually came to a halt at the very site where he had faced Lord Indra.

The Temple’s Establishment

King Digwa, in reverence to his sacred encounter and divine journey, established the temple at this hallowed spot after performing the necessary ceremonies. Today, this place is renowned as the Diggi Kalyan Temple, a testament to King Digwa’s unshakable faith and the profound spiritual connection between heaven and earth.

A Divine Guide: The Glittering Diamond

The temple holds a unique attraction – a bright diamond adorns the chin of the sculpture of Kalyan Ji. It is believed that this divine gem can predict the direction from which devotees will arrive each day. Furthermore, the temple is regarded as a place where the heartfelt wishes of devotees find fulfillment.

Traveling to Diggi Kalyan Ji

The best way to reach Diggi Kalyanpura from Jaipur is by road. A journey to this sacred destination by car takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, offering not only convenience but also a scenic drive. Alternatively, you can opt for a bus or taxi from Jaipur to Diggi Kalyanpura, ensuring a seamless and memorable pilgrimage to this temple where history and devotion intertwine.

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