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Harwinder Kaur Janagal: India’s shortest lawyer became an inspiration

Harwinder Kaur Janagal, India’s shortest lawyer with a natural height of about 3’11”, has faced many taunts to reach the heights in life and inspire others.

Harwinder Kaur Janagal, the 25-year-old lawyer with a natural height of about 3’11”, completed her LLB in 2020 and since then has been working in the Jalandhar sessions court. She has been deemed as the shortest lawyer in India, who inspires others with her positive outlook of body shape and size.

“I used to be taunted by people who said that law is not meant for me. How will I fight a case? How could I even stand before a judge? They used to laugh at me. But I used to say that I don’t think that my height is going to stop me from being a successful lawyer. Because this is a field in which physical appearance does not matter, what matters is knowledge and education,” Harwinder said.

The lawyer practitioner’s primary goal was to become an air hostess but she couldn’t because of her body configuration. Everyone in her family has normal heights, so her parents took her to many doctors who prescribed various medications, which did not help. This pushed her towards acute depression.

“There was a time when I used to be fed up of my life. I used to cry for why God made me like this. The vile things that people said really affected me. Then I started to watch motivational videos. It really helped me. It passed, and I started to gain confidence. Now I do not feel that way. I have started to believe that if God has created me then he has a purpose for me and I need to fulfill it,” Harwinder stated.

After 12th, she decided to pursue law as she realized that she can do a lot for the nation through it.

Completing her education on November 23, 2020, she received the license and enrollment client certificate by the Bar Council of Punjab and Haryana. She said that her colleague and the entire law fraternity have been cordial to her.

“We have one life and should live it to its fullest. The more positive we are, the more positive things happen.”

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