Off-beat-strides by Rajasthan’s first citizen, Governor Kalraj Mishra as the writer

Rajasthan’s first citizen, Governor Kalraj Mishra brought out a book  “Nai Soch Naye Aayam’ during September 2020 to mark completion of his first one year in this office (2019-20). The cover depicts him wearing a blue jacket, raising left hand, smiling and making a comment. Harsh Vardhan reviews the book to bring out certain interesting facts…

“Nai Soch Naye Aayam” is the first-of-its-kind initiative by any Governor in Rajasthan because of many distinguished reasons.

Firstly, it happens to be first such book on working of any Governor of Rajasthan. Secondly, it does not indulge in any exaggeration of events or happenings. Thirdly, it appeals the most with brilliant photographs and apt captions, which justify narratives. So it is like a summary of what the Governor did for past one year. This person has been frank and friendly and is very keen to share his work with those who cannot enter inside this well-guarded House, sharing facts with common man in common language, Hindi.

Startling facts: Of 11 lakh scouts & guides in India, 5 lakh are in Raj

Startling facts come to light: Of total 11-lakh Scouts and Guides in India, 5-lakh are in service in Rajasthan. What a great achievement! Young boys and girls known for offering drinking water at railway stations; mind you, they hail from common families.

 It said: They are running eco-clubs in 16,600 schools and are also serving the National Green Corps. This institution is receiving the Chief National Commissioner’s Shield for past six years. Congratulations! In fact, a very few of people would know about their deeds.

Education, relief, COVID and development find due reference

The narrative touches upon many topics, related to various fields of society. Education, Relief and of course, COVID, appear hogging limelight. 

Kalraj Mishra has exhorted upon all 27 universities to start water harvesting and install solar system within premises, set up Constitution Garden at each campus, and adhere to the State University Management System (SUMS), also adopting one village. Rajasthan University at Jaipur has to look after Sevapura village in Amer tehsil. What progress, can one ask?

The Governor has enlisted the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project in this text which is poised to collect monsoonal surplus water from several rivers of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to provide it for people, trade and commerce in 13 districts as well as to Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), an ambitious project, that is at snail’s pace for reasons.

Governor House, the Green building of Rajasthan

Spread over 18-acres, can the Governor’s House be termed as a Green Building. The first person of the state will hopefully consider such environment-related aspects in his second year as they make better future. 

Spread over 18-acre, the premises has old trees, shrubs, bushes which encourage many birds to breed here and add benefits to citizens all around. Gurumukh Nihal Singh was the first Governor who started living here in 1956 when this Office came in to being. This writer has had interesting experiences with some of the Governors here to try to understand how a common man becomes ‘different’ after being raised to such a post.  Another column, another time.

Rajasthan Governor, Kalraj Mishra planting a sapling while being assisted by his wife (photo courtesy Governor House)

Kalraj Mishra’s background

Kalraj Mishra is a post graduate from Varanasi University and enjoys rich experience in social service, politics and government, both States and Centre. His wife is Satyavati Mishra. They have two sons and one daughter. Profound “shubh-kaamnaye” Governor Sir from EB&W for most constructive period ahead. 

About Nai Soch, Naye Aayam

Kalraj Mishra has been described as a source of inspiration in this 172-page book, that received direction from Sudhir Kumar, Secretary to Governor, suggestion  by Govindram Jaiswal, and edited by Dr. Lokesh Chandra Sharma, with photographs from Chhotu Lal Jeengar, Devedra Singh and Aakash Sharma.

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