Dr Rajnikant Shah: The man who lives his passions even in his mid-80s!

Dr Rajnikant Shah has been a doctor who ventured in gemstone trade after working in medicine for 15 years. Destiny made him leave his profession in 1976 when he joined gemstone business at the age of 40. It was sheer destiny that brought him into business. EBNW narrates the story of this man who loves living his passions even in his mid-80s.

He is the man with courage, grit and determination who loves following his passion even in his 80s and leads by example by attaining his set goals within the set deadlines. This man with mission has been scripting many success stories by following his heart, undeterred and unaffected, by the challenges being posed by the age and other related barriers. He is none other than Dr Rajnikant Shah who is a known name in gemstone world.

A Medical Doctor-Family Oriented Person! 

Born on Nov 22, 1935 in Dhanera (Gujarat), he was very much interested in education – along with his MD, MRCP, DTM&H; he also did Sahitya Ratna in Hindi. A family-oriented person, he also helped many students to study further and helped many young traders to settle in business and many young doctors to move abroad for further studies in those days.

After his return from abroad, he helped in establishing a hospital –  Santokba Durlabhji Hospital in the beginning. Then later on, his family donated for an outdoor building in the hospital. It also donated a building in Subodh College for Master of Business Administration studies.

Sojourn: From a Doctor to a Trader 

Dr Shah says, “I forayed in the trade in 1976 after migrating to New York. I started purchasing raw material and supplied it to Jaipur trade. Purchasing was made from Brazil. This became an ongoing regular trade with a policy of charging 10 per cent commission. This initiative helped Jaipur traders to get the original rough at a reasonable price. I continued doing the same for 25 years,” says Dr Shah adding, however, later on, slowly, the Brazilian Emerald trade cooled down and the Zambian emerald trade took over the markets. Then, by 2005, I retired. This is my small business career,” the man says with a smile.

A Community get-together in New York

Even in New York, he was instrumental in holding the Jaipur Community together – socially and culturally – Diwali festival is one of those. While for the trade 30 years ago, he thought of starting Indian Diamond and Color Stone Association in New York thus bringing colourstone traders from Jaipur and diamond traders from Mumbai together in the market.

A Temple in New York-A Unity in Diversity

Dr Shah also got a beautiful temple built in New York which stands unique in the city. Its construction started in 2000 and was handed over to jain community in the year 2005. This is the place where 5 traditions can worship together under one roof – A Unity of Diversity -which is one of a kind in the world.

Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth-Ratna Mandir

He designed and created a replica of Shri Ashtapad Maha Tirth –Ratna Mandir, a Gemstone Temple. It was carved from crystal and gemstones– which was then donated to New York Jain Community in the year 2010. This is a largest structure carved out of gemstones – a work of art as well. Today it stands tall and beautiful

An Art Gallery-A Pictorial Guide to Jainism

Then he worked on an art gallery – Jainism as a way of life – an art of living – Principles and Practices of Jainism depicting them by posters 500+ which were installed in the said temple.

Hobby-Stamp Collection and A Stamp Website

Stamp collecting is one of his hobbies which he has been collecting since 1947. This passion for his hobby stays alive till today. He has developed a web museum of gems and jewellery stamps which houses 25,000+ individual stamps on this topic collected from all the countries of the world. 

Collecting Shayari-Humsafar

Dr Shah has a passion for collecting Shayari’s since childhood till today. Earlier, he published a book of Gujarati shayaris– A collection of shayari’s
of Gujarati shayar. Recently, he has published a book with Shayari’s translated from Gujarati to Hindi – HUMSAFAR for the benefit of Hindi speaking world. At present, he is trying to put together all the Shayaris in
Hindi into a book format which he had been collecting since childhood.

Man with a Mission-A Museum of Gem and Jewellery

Dr Shah is the man behind the making of the first-of-its-kind Gem and Jewellery Museum in Jaipur – The only one in India. He stood alert, agile and active to have this museum which speaks the age-old story of stone right from its emergence from the centre of the earth to its final shape it attains after being cut, polished and designed to make jewellery. Now he is trying to get his dream museum to a new level – A world class level in a bigger and better location.

In fact, this man has been following his heart right from his young age with the help of family and friends. As Dr Shah continues living his passion knowing no full stops, we eagerly await what comes next. So keep waiting for this man with a mission to start his next beginnings soon when he wishes to have a gemstone temple and a Jain Museum of Idols to be built in India.

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