InspirationsAWWA: All committed for welfare of spouses, children and dependents of Army...

AWWA: All committed for welfare of spouses, children and dependents of Army personnel…

The 60s decade witnessed the war where many soldiers fought bravely and many sacrificed their lives for nation. At that time, gender equality was not much prevalent and women were unaware of their rights. The army wives battled frequent transfers of their husbands serving the nation. The social insecurity was much prevalent and there was not adequate welfare programme for the army wives. 

In order to support Army wives and their children emotionally, economically and morally, an Indian Non profit organisation named AWWA was established in 1966 by Mrs. Shakuntala Bhatia to rehabilitate war widows and battle casualties.

AWWA Supports :

 ‘Aahwan’ is working towards making war widows self-reliant by providing an opportunity to Veer naris to exhibit and sell their products. 

 AWWA established 36 ASHA schools for children with special needs. 

The Army Skill Training centre (ASTC) run under them helps to empower army spouses and their dependents by undertaking National Skill Qualification Framework accredited certification courses. 

Today, AWWA has 800-strong team members including social workers, therapists, teachers, and management staff. Also it has large pool of volunteers and donors who are constantly working together towards empowering the disadvantaged and identifying and filling key social gaps in the community.

Last year AWWA organised its first ever literature festival – ABHIVYAKTI season 1 in which Union minister for women and child development Smriti Z. Irani was invited as guest.

She shared her experience and journey with her book “Laal Salaam: A Novel” which is inspired by the unfortunate killings of 76 CRPF personnel in Dantewada in 2010.

In 2022, AWWA is coming with Abhivyakti Season-2 to give wings to our literary pursuits writers, poets, storytellers, AWWA Entrepreneurs, Authors, journalists and bloggers. Several activities and events will take place discussing art, interactive sessions, workshops, panel discussions and music of course.

And yes, this event is coming in Pink City which is hub for literature lovers and speaks the story of art craft history and culture. 

The date is November 12-14 and venue is beautiful JKK which will echo with interesting sessions, motivating stories and melodious music too.

So book your date to soak the spirit of women entrepreneurs who will come together with authors, bloggers and other talents.

Aishwarya Chauhan
Special story

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